***SPAM*** Re: Beast at RMLL2006

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006, julien wrote:

Hello friends of Beast!

I am Julien Ottavi from Apodio distribution http://www.apodio.org

we are in charge of the programmation for the audio/video section the
world libre software meeting that will take place in Nancy (France) from
4th to 8th of july.

I am looking for someone that could talk about Beast in this event (and
also make a workshop if interested)... maybe you have some developpers /
strong users in France that could do it or maybe someone of your team
could come if you are interested...

hope you could be interested

unfortunately, this email arrived too late to really act upon.

it seems there's been some lag in the spam filter on mail.gnome.org
as well, but even without that, half a month is really too short of
a time range to arrange for someone of us to go to France.

keep in touch

sure, we'd definitely like to arrange for some other presentation,
given enough headroom ;)



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