Re: Beast freeze after play any sound

On Tue, 17 Jan 2006, CidoLoco (sent by wrote:

i compiled beast and bse-alsa in a slackware 10.2
the program runs fine and the sound too
but when i press the stop button or the song/sample finish, all the system freeze, not only beast, but all the system

anybody have any idea?

this sounds like a kernel bug in the sounddriver, definitely.
no unix user-space application should ever be able to bring the
whole system down.
several (older) OSS and ALSA linux sound drivers are known to
be buggy and have stability problems. chances are, that upgrading
your kernel or sound driver will fix the problem. also, you can
try reporting it to the development list of your sound driver,
e.g. if you're using an ALSA driver.



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