Re: Converting SF2 to GUS

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, Will Light wrote:

So now that Beast can read GUS files, I did some digging to see if this would also have the effect of loosely adding SF2 support to Beast. I found, which has a link to the author's collection of GUS programs. Included in these programs is 'unsf', which converts an SF2 file to GUS .pat files for each instrument in the SF2 file. The direct link to the programs is . I've successfully carried out the method described above with excellent results.

oh really?
see, the GUS Patch loader doesn't really work yet. we're simply reading the
patches as ordinary mono samples, since the GUS envelope module isn't fully
finished yet.

unsf actually produces non-standard GUS Patch files, it uses its own
extensions to the GUS Patch format which would have to be implemented seperately in the GUS Patch Envelope modules. stefan, are you planning
to do this?
however long-term, native soundfont support would be nice to have
in beast anyways ;)



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