Re: Mixer Behavior

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, Will Light wrote:

I've been wondering if we could discuss the way the sliders in Beast's
mixer work.  I'd like to see the slider in the mixer do both
amplification and limiting.  In a real mixing board, the sliders
actually don't amplify anything, they only attenuate the audio that
passes through them.
What's everyone's opinion on this?

as for limiting, that is actually a fairly complicated mechanism to
implement, not just muting the signal to 0 if the mixer sliders
indicate an amplification of -96dB, see:

we do have two plugins (in the upcoming 0.6.5 that is) which come
close, ArtsCompressor and StandardSaturator.
a pure limiter has yet to be implemented though.

deploying plugins in the mixer is currently in the works. the plan is
to support adding effects/filters to mixer busses in the "reserved for
effects" slot. this would ultimately be the place to hook up limiters,
compressors, saturators, echos, flangers etc.



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