Pure Data Audio Lab Opportunity

Pure Data Lab, by Malte Steiner

18-22 October 04
at Vivid in

Led by leading digital audio artist, Malte Steiner, the workshops will introduce you to open-source sound application PureData, a freeware implementation of real-time audio generator Max MSP.

Written by the same coders, Pure-Data is a modular synthesizer system in software. It can be used as a virtual electronic instrument, in a midi studio context or live. It can process live or recorded material, and can be utilised to create sound- and, with GEM - video installations.

Workshops will cover: 'development of computer music' 'history of sound synthesis' 'working in the 3D space' 'generative sound installations' and 'visual processing'
Each workshop will be preceded by an introductory talk led by Steiner.

The workshops are intended for people with experience in multimedia software, knowledge of open source software development is not necessary.
For more information on Malte Steiner and Pure Data see www.block4.com

Pure Data Lab costs: £250.
To register interest and for further information contact info vivid org uk
  or call 0121 233 4061

Vivid is supported by Arts Council England, Birmingham City Council and European Regional Development Fund


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