suid bit in beast-0.6.2-2.deb (Re: Bug#262181: beast: missing essential binaries in /usr/bin/)

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Tim Janik wrote:

however beast depends on its binaries to sit in ${prefix}/bin:
- users may bypass the nice-level wrappers when starting beast or bsesh to:
  a) allow non-priviledged synthesis rendering (especially important for
     non-realtime rendering scenarios)
  b) allow debugging (beast is still pre-1.0, so debugging is an
     expected usage scenario)

   This can still be performed by launching /usr/lib/beast/beast-0.6.1
for instance. As for allowing non-priviledged synthesis rendering, this
should really be a commandline flag and not a whole extra binary to

correct. adding -n <nicelevel> and -N to turn of nicing to the beast and bsesh
launchers is now on the TODO list.

hi sam. i just noticed, that beast-0.6.2-3 doesn't set the suid bit on bin/beast
and bin/bsesh, so beast can't acquire the necessary nice level for low latency
audio processing. is that an omission, or are you missing anything from beast to
have the suid bit set? (iirc, earlier versions of the debian package used to set
the suid bit correctly)



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