BEAST/BSE version 0.6.1 is available for download at:

This is a development version of BEAST/BSE, the BEdevilled Audio SysTem
and the Bedevilled Sound Engine. BEAST is a powerful music composition
and modular synthesis application released as free software under the
GNU GPL and GNU LGPL, that runs under unix.
The project is hosted at:

A mailing list is available at:

This new development series of BEAST comes with a lot of
the internals redone, many new GUI features and a sound
generation back-end separated from all GUI activities.

Outstanding new features include support for skins, many sample
file formats, MIDI file import abilities, an improved piano roll
widget, the track editor which allows for easy selection of
synthesisers or samples as track sources, loop support in songs
and unlimited Undo/Redo capabilities.

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.6.1:

* Added suid wrapper which acquires nice level -20, then drops privileges
* Improved latency/block-size handling of the synthesis engine
* Fixed i18n bug which prevents demo song from loading in non-C locales
* Added i18n support for enum values
* Support for more note formats like Cis-1, C#-1, #C-1
* SFI cleanups [Stefan Westerfeld]
* Restructured sfidl and fixed lots of bugs [Stefan]
* Switched core language bindnig to C++
* Added support for per-part scripts
* New harmonic transposition script which allows to convert between major,
  minor, dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian and locrian scales [Stefan]
* Added experimetal pattern editor prototype
* Added keybinding editor to preferences dialog
* Added ComboBox widgets to the GUI
* Updated Catalan translation [Xavier Conde Rueda]
* Updated Czech translation [Miloslav Trmac]
* Updated Serbian translation [Danilo Segan]
* Updated Dutch translation [Kees van den Broek]
* FreeBSD fixes [Rasmus Kaj]
* Lots of GUI fixes


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