Re: FYI: UsabilityGuidelines handbill - supplement: Usage Designdocument

On Sat, 7 Feb 2004, Henning Sprang wrote:

> Tim Janik wrote:

> >>I get started right here and now, when we've decieded where
> >>documentation will take place,
> >
> >
> > you're copletely free to put that document anywhere you want.
> > i'm fine with e.g. developing it on the mailing list and putting it
> > into CVS (and thus up on the website) as texi source, or building up
> > a wiki page for it or combinations thereof...
> >
> > the format isn't so important as that something is actually being worked on
> > and people contribute. one person can change a whole documents format
> > in a few hours time if we want to migrate stuff later on.
> I agree that format doesn't play a role for and already decided to use
> the wiki - it has versioning, too, right? Then we have all we need for now.

yes, take a look at the PageInfo links at the bottom of each page, you can even
browse diffs that way.

> >>I'll be taking my AudioComposer UseCases
> >>translated to english and ask the people on the list in a public call to
> >>send me their own ideas of how they want to use beast, ask my friends
> >>who make music (using mainly reason and some other things), document all
> >>that and work it out. You will be required to tell if and how all that
> >>can be solved in the application development area. And, of course, we
> >>will allow you to add your own use cases, too - you might have had some
> >>idea of what you need and want when you started doing beast?! :)
> >
> >
> > sure, i was looking for a usable modular synthesis project and found none.
> > none having a GUI at least and decent reltime capabilities. that, and
> > my background with tracker programs under dos lead to the earliest
> > incarnations of beast. nowadays, we only have a piano roll editor, but
> > i'm working on bringing a pattern editor back to life (that is, to
> > solve one of my own use cases ;).
> A pattern editor like trackers have it is pretty similar to what i tried
> to describe - i never used trackers a lot but a program like e.g.
> SoundTracker (do you know it?) has already pretty much of what i need,
> even if it could be improved in usage and some features, as better
> integrated wave editor.

yes, i know soundtracker. i'm currently pondering how something similar to a
pattern editor could be implemented for beas parts, since i kinda miss that
editing facilities as well (beast 0.3.x had a pattern editor, a screenshot
of which is still preservved in our screenshots area on the website).

> If i didn't find beast, maybe i would be using Soundtracker now.
> Henning


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