Re: Few general questions

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Edouard RONDEPIERRE wrote:

> hello all,
> First, I'd like to say i'm very impressed by the work already done on
> the project. BEAST is very pleasent to use. So pleasent I would like to
> use it as a sequencer so:
> Is it or will it be possible to use beast has a real sequencer sending
> MIDI Event rather than using internal synthesizer (I love fluidsound
> (too))?

it will, i can't say when though. my current focus is on improving
editing functionality for the sequencer so it may take quite a while
until i write an output device.

if someone wants to work on implementing something like this though,
i could try to give enough background and review patches to make
that possible.

> thanks,
> Edouard


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