Re: beast module overview and i18n

Tim Janik wrote
> hi all.


> so much for the rough overview.
> in order to move on with 18n, i'd like in particular:
> - translators (i18n coders) tell me what they like don't
>   like about catalog-en.c
> - i18n coders to give me a clue about where i18n files
>   go (within the package and regarding installation dirs),
>   especially since the beast package consists of multiple
>   libraries that are possible candidates for future
>   seperation
> - stefan, to give me an idea how reasonable and
>   on what time scale sfidl improvements and language
>   binding development are, to move BSE objects to idl
>   files so i18n string lists can be auto-generated
> - translators (i18n coders) tell me their thoughts on
>   translating plugins
> other comments are of course also apprechiated ;)

So far as a volunteering translator, but not coder, I would suggest taking
a look at LADSA as it is gettextized already. You might find something

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