Re: template path problems

Tim Janik:
> no, $perpage is just one example, $IMAGE_ROOT would be another,
> and you certainly don't want people to be able to specify that,
> do you?

I demand an example on how they will do this.

> because i might change the image path at one point,
> or have a different template file browse those images (files in
> case of the contrib section) as well?

Then you adjust your symlinks name accordingly.  The only constraint
is to keep image path and symlink name in sync.

> alper, i just don't see an advantage in tying script name, html template
> and image path together in a fixed manner. it makes me wonder not if, but
> how soon that setup will break for future needs.

I can't answer this one.

It's a widely used technique, especially the path_info thingy
(logo-submissions/perpage/20 instead of logo-submissions?perpage=20).
For example, uses it everywhere.

> on gunzip, it's a convenience feature by gzip, i can still unzip my files
> with -d, just like i don't need to rely on convenience aliases for grep's
> -F, -E or -R.

Yes, it would be for convenience in my cgi scripts too.  Instead of
typing the parameters, you use a more logical name.

> you probably won't believe me, but for the former version my
> initial impression was "what magic is going on there? damn,
> i'll have to read through the whole script to figure what
> the effect of using 'logo-submissions' vs. 'gallery' is."

Really?  This is the only point that will make me forget about

> for the second i thought, "ah, alper probably went through the effort
> of creating small PATH= config files that tell me exactly where things
> are, nice of him. but gallery shouldn't be there, it shouldn't be
> accessable by the user.".

Why not accessible?  OTOH it can lie somewhere else thanks to
symlinks, you know.

> that would be good. there might come others though, so maybe texitheque
> should have an extra texitheque-cgi/ dir for such scripts (or
> texitheque-contrib/ if that's not just for cgi scripts but maybe perl
> utils or similar), and the beast site as well (it'll be your job to keep
> that in sync then, by simply copying stuff over).

> the scripts (logo-submissions, screenshots) would then
>   exec ../texitheque-cgi/gallery.whatever-extension-alper-likes

Ok, I guess :)

It's still possible with symlinks though :b

Well, I will work on this CGI stuff this weekend.


Alper Ersoy

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