Re: template path problems

On Fri, 9 May 2003, Alper Ersoy wrote:

> Tim Janik:
> > i think there's a problem in the first place even, to get the scripts
> > to know about the sub directory that the images reside in (going through
> > the ScriptAlias like you sugegst above is not a good solution, e.g. it
> > requires httpd.conf changes for every new gallery you open)
> What's wrong with it?
>   - It's there to be used,
>   - It's less work to add a gallery entry there (with a single line)
>     than to create a new config file.

well, the simplest reason is probably that we don't ahev access to httpd.conf,
just yosh.

> It's possible to put some variables into path_info thingy, ie.

eh? this starts to get really ugly ;)
as an aside, it's inherently unsafe as people could point their
browsers at
or so similar things.

> In httpd.conf:
>   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/logo-submissions "/web/beast/cgi-bin/gallery"
> gallery gets template from ../html/$0.html
>   (=> ../html/logo-submissions.html)
> images from ../html/images/$0
> Another one:
>   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/screenshots "/web/beast/cgi-bin/gallery"
> template ../html/$0.html => ../html/screenshots.html
> images from ../html/screenshots

why would this take images from ../html/screenshots and the
other from ../html/images/screenshots?
i'm sorry, this is just too much magic for me ;)
can we please go for a simple and explicit solution like:
--- cgi-bin/screenshots.cgi ---
exec gallery.cgi
--- cgi-bin/screenshots.cgi ---

> It's also possible to not rely on ScriptAlias:
>   cd /web/beast/cgi-bin/
>   ln -s gallery screenshots
>   ln -s gallery logo-submissions

and where is the template?

> So:
>   - Google spider will crawl thru,

google will crawl all of the aproaches sugegsted so far.

>   - Less administration,
>   - Ultimate configurability.

i don't see what "Ultimate configurability" is missing if
you specify things explicitely. i'm just getting confused
and don't know what magic naming/links etc. the scripts
rely on (and if you explain i'll prolly have it forgotten
in a month).

> --
> Alper Ersoy


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