Re: 0.5.2-rc1 RH9 non-compile

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Alper Ersoy wrote:

> Daniel MacDonald:
> > I've got MAD installed but it didn't find it during
> > configuration, but you said that shouldn't matter
> > didn't you?
> Tim, beast checks for mad.pc, though mad-0.14.2b doesn't have one.

that's unrelated, though also needs to be fixed.

> I guess that pkgconfig file is shipped with the debian distribution of
> mad.  I got to write my own mad.pc in order to get beast use mad.

urm, that's pretty evil of the debian guys (i downloaded 0.15.0 from
upstream and it indeed has no mad.pc file).

please notify me immediately next time, if you have to resort to hacks
like writing a mad.pc file ;)

> Later,
> --
> Alper Ersoy


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