Re: 0.5.4rc comments

On Sun, 20 Jul 2003, Daniel MacDonald wrote:

> BEASTerz,
> Just tried the release candidate tarball and it
> compiles and works fine under RH9, so that's good
> point no.1, #2 being that velocity editing works as
> promised- nice one Tim! The nominator/denominator time
> sig. setting (under the Bsesong parameters tab) still
> doesn't work though.

ah, good one, put on the TODO now.

> The MIDI Event editing strip would be greatly enhanced
> by adding a feature so that you could draw vector
> gradients on top of the existing event values, hence
> allowing quick n' dirty fade control. As I've
> mentioned here before, this feature can be seen in
> action on the Brahms piano roll editor.

yep, that's planned, as well as other views on the
MIDI effekts. it might take while though, so i'd
rather throw 0.5.4 out now ;)

> dan


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