Hello everyone.

There's a new release candidate tarball of the upcoming
0.5.4 release at
The full URL is:

We would apprechiate if people test compiled and test ran this candidate,
try velocity editing and try the .bse files files in test/ etc.
Please report any problems you encounter to

As usual, here's the list of required dependencies
to get the tarball running:

GnomeCanvas (GNOME-2.0):
Ogg/Vorbis (at least version 1.0):
MAD (BSE was developed against libmad-0.14.2):

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.5.4:

* Ported and improved synthesis module from David A. Bartold:
  DavSynDrum - Synthetic drum generator
* Added support for control event editing
* Added per-note velocity and fine-tune editing
* Added support for per-track and per-song special effects
* Some GUI polishing
* Fixes to compile on NetBSD
* Miscellaneous bug fixes


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