Re: Velocity editing in ze BEAST

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Daniel MacDonald wrote:

> Hello BEAST list!
> As I've already said to Tim, the only thing stopping
> me from getting into the BEAST and writing stuff with
> it that it currently lacks per note velocity editing
> in its piano roll editor.
> I've never really used any of the Steinberg products
> (Cubase etc.), and I don't think Tim has either (which
> I found surprising) but those of you who have checked

nope, i've seen it, but am in no way used to it or know
all the glory details of how cubase does things.

> out Brahms will have seen one possible solution.
> The Brahms piano roll editor window is split into two
> main sections- one for the piano roll and the other
> for volume. You can individually alter the volume of
> each note or you can draw lines to set smooth fades.
> I'd like to see similiar functionality integrated into
> the beast- unless someone has a better solution of
> course!

with the approach brahms uses, notes that are played simultaneously
can't have differentz velocities, so i tend to favour the per-note
slider you suggested in private email. otoh, using the slider will
be pretty cumbersome if you simply want velocity to raise during a
period of time, for that, an editing mode like brahms has it is
probably inevitable...

> dan


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