Re: Bug#189655: beast: I get a memory fault when trying to createa new Synthesizer Network

On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, DaVinci wrote:

> El martes 22 de abril, Sam Hocevar escribió:
> >    If it works on an up-to-date sid, I think I'll close the bug. Do you
> > have any way to check the version of libgnomecanvas2-0 on the first
> > machine ?
>  Close bug. I have localized problem. If I desinstall cmt package, all works
>  again ;)

ah, this does seem to be an actual bug. i can reproduce this with beast and
the LADSPA plugins from in the cmt package. it might be a problem with
the cmt plugins, but in any case is beast outputting at least an inapropriate
error message:
  BSE-ERROR **: Fatal: failed to reinitialize plugin "/usr/lib/ladspa/": plugin types changed on disk

>  Thanks and sorry.
>  								David


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