documentation bugs

hey alper,

i just got:
$ make
makeinfo  -D "TexiStamp `date -r beast-gxk.3.texi`"     \
                -I ./.. --xml beast-gxk.3.texi -o -     \
| ../../docs/utils/xmlantispace >beast-gxk.3.crossfix.xml
beast-gxk.3.texi:58: Macro `ifxmlelse' called on line 58 with too many args.

with recent CVS, can you look into this please?

and i've added another docu bug to the TODO:
- the html description for @func from bstutils.c:bst_gmask_foreach()
  is messed up [alper]

i'd apprechiate if you could figure what's going on there.


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