[Banshee-List] Song list and slider bug v. 0.10.8

Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to report this.
If no song is selected in the song list and you press the right mouse button, "Rating" and "Add to playlist" don't appear in the menu.
For me, this is really annoying. Having to click somewhere else and right-click again in the song I want to rate.
Right-clicking a song should select it, even if no other song is selected.

About the slider, when I want to rewind a song to beginning using the slider, sometimes the playback doesn't rewind or it stops and I have to slide again.
Maybe it's a bug in the connection between the slider and gstreamer, I really have no idea.

I haven't found other bugs at least with my regular usage.
Great work guys.

Henrique Manuel Rocha < hmrocha di fc ul pt>
Administração de Sistemas DI-FCUL
Tel: +351 21 7500513
Campus FCUL, Ed. C6, sala 6.3.02
Campo Grande 1749-016 Lisboa

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