[Banshee-List] Rio Karma DAP plugin

Hi all,

I have recently begun a new DAP plugin for the Rio Karma based upon
the libraries myself and others are developing over on
linux-karma.sf.net.  If anyone is lucky enough to have one of these
players sitting around I'd be interested in some feedback.

The patch and info are available here: http://bobcopeland.com/karma/banshee/

Right now the plugin can download the database, play tracks from the
device, and upload new songs, although syncing isn't perfect yet.

Also, it only supports the USB transport at this time, even though
libkarma can discover and deal with Karmas connected over the LAN.  If
anyone could give me a hint on how to implement that in the plugin --
I presume I wouldn't have a HalDevice in that case -- let me know!

Comments welcome.

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