Re: [Banshee-List] hal-device-capture

> I'm not familiar with the hal-device-capture tool you mention (is that
> something abock wrote?)
Yes, he wrote it some time ago to get data about non-ipod DAPs for
HAL. But unfortunately, it doesn't output fdi entries ^^ 

> but you can easily add your device to 10-usb-music-players.fdi 
> with a text editor.  Just copy a different entry (make sure you either 
> place it within the vendor block if it exists, or create a new one), 
> and fill in your product id, etc.
I have the same problem... I would like to use my sis' music player with
banshee. It has build in men as well as a mem card slot. Both are mounted 
by gnome-volume-manager but not as music player... I tried to copy an
entry and modify it, but I was not able to get a working file.

Perhaps it would be a nice idea to extend the hal-device-capture to
output actual fdi entries? If it is as simple as you say, it should be 
no problem adding this functionality?


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