Re: [Banshee-List] banshee.mdp MD project file update patch - Commitable

Committed. Also, I may give MD a try again, as I just built the
mono-1.1.10/gtk-sharp 2.4 stack, and I can actually use MD again.


On Thu, 2005-11-10 at 00:25 +0200, Ulas SAHIN wrote:
> Hi Aaron,
> this is my last patch as for today. will sleep now :)
> I want to ask a thing though:
> I am now only diffing the files changed not the whole shebang as you
> asked me to do.
> i also diffed the changelog as well on the previous it ok?
> or should i paste the changelog additions to my mail?
> Please forgive me when i do stuff i should not. but i believe i am a
> quick learner so dont give up on me...
> P.S.
> The Query builder patch leaves the file in a shape that
> it might not look very good. but as discussed before
> i will implement a custom expander widget so it is due to change very
> soon.(plus it is good - not just very good :) )
> and also a notebooked browser sharing space with querybuilder is also
> on my quicklist so expect patches everyday..
> Please share your comments..
> Best
> Ulas.
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