[Banshee-List] Banshee 0.10

Banshee 0.10 is out!

This release fixes some major issues with importing and enables iPod
syncing again through the new DAP framework.

Please do not hesitate to file bugs against Banshee in GNOME Bugzilla
(http://bugzilla.gnome.org, component: banshee), or discuss Banshee on
this list or in #banshee on irc.gnome.org. The Banshee Wiki, open to
everyone for viewing and editing is located at


# Completely rewritten and much smarter import backend

# iPod Syncing is enabled again and is much improved now it is
implemented through the new DAP framework

# Experimental GStreamer 0.10 playback support (Ripping/Transcoding port
not yet complete)

# MimeType detection through GStreamer and Gnome VFS for importing

# Interface updates and minor polish; Icon Theme support for most icons

# Monodoc API Documentation for some namespaces

# New French translation Stephane Raimbault

# Imported items show up in library view only if there is no active
search or new items match the search


1. Experimental GStreamer 0.10 support has been added. Currently only
the playback backend has been ported to the new GStreamer API.
Transcoding and Ripping/CD support have not been ported yet. If you
would like to test the GStreamer 0.10 playback backend, pass
--with-gstreamer-0-10 to configure.

2. Multimedia keys support was disabled for this release after some
re-thinking of how this should be handled. We feel it's unsafe to steal
key-grabs in such a large program for such a small task. This support
should really be implemented in a separate process.


# Progress reporting and import logic and stability is very much
improved (BGO #314965, #318330)

# Library view updates while importing an Audio CD (BGO #316132)

# Search now works properly while importing (BGO #316102)

# Banshee should no longer crash if searching at startup (BGO #323202)


Release Overview Page:

Banshee 0.10 Tarball:

ipod-sharp 0.5.12 Tarball:

libipoddevice 0.3.5 Tarball:

Banshee Wiki: 


- Mono 1.1.10 and full stack
- ipod-sharp 0.5.12; in turn requires libipoddevice 0.3.5
- gtk-sharp-2.0 (2.3.92)
- sqlite3
- GStreamer 0.8.11 or GStreamer 0.10 (experimental)
- libmusicbrainz 2.1.1 or better
- libnautilus-burn 2.12
- GTK+ 2.6 or better
- HAL 0.5.2 or better


# Mono 1.1.10 is now required. An internal mcs compiler is no
longer shipped with Banshee as the 1.1.10 core library is now

# Bindings to the VLC libraries have been implemented and are available
as a Banshee Media Engine. To use the VLC engine, pass --enable-vlc to
configure. Additionally, libvlc.so must be copied to
banshee/mediaengines/vlc before running "make install". To build
libvlc.so, download and build Jon Lech Johansen's snd123:


Copy the resulting libvlc.so to the aforementioned build directory, and
proceed with building Banshee as normal. Keep in mind, VLC support is
optional. Banshee also supports GStreamer and Helix engines. GStreamer
is required, and Helix is optional, but will be automatically detected
and configured if your system is set up properly with either RealPlayer
or Helix Player. See http://helixcommunity.org/

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