Re: Build related problems

Am 2006.01.22 22:38 schrieb(en) Mişu Moldovan:
On Sun, 22 Jan 2006 13:27:41 +0100
Albrecht Dreß <albrecht dress arcor de> wrote:
> That's a problem with some extra mime type icons (mostly crypto
> which apparently /must/ be installed in gtk's hicolour folder to be
> recognised properly - at least I didn't find a way to install them
> somewhere else /and/ let Gtk find them.
> I attach a small patch which fixes #1 and adds a new configure option
> switch off the installation of the mime type icons.

I've configured with "--disable-extra-mimeicons" but "make install" still
tries to write into /usr/share (have I missed something?):

Have you run autoconf (or after patching?


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