Re: Balsa marks mails as read on start

On 09/28/2005 05:46:54 AM Wed, Andreas Schmidt wrote:

I just noticed that a mail that was on top in the message window was marked as read when I started the program.

On starting, Balsa circles through all mboxes that were open in the previous session.

Yes, if "Remember open mailboxes" is checked.

Apparently it saves the position in the mbox where one left off.

No, it looks for the first unread message or, if there is no unread mail, the most recent message.

In some cases (I guess when the mbox was left untouched?), it defaults to selecting the top message. When this was marked unread and (once again, I guess) it takes longer to open the next mbox, it just seems that this is enough to consider the top message as read.

?? Balsa marks a message as "read" only after displaying it. If "Automatically view message" is unchecked, it just scrolls to the first unread message, but if that option is checked, the message is displayed and consequently marked as "read".

This is really bad as it could mean not noticing new mail has arrived in an mbox. Any ideas how to cope with that?

Uncheck "Automatically view message"?



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