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just some things I noticed lately in balsa 2.3.4-1. (I know there's a new version out, but it hasn't hit Debian/sid yet).

1) When assigning an identity to a local mbox, it would be nice if not only the Mailing Address but (also?) the Identity Name would be listed in the dialogue. I have created several identities that differ only in the amount of security applied, e.g.

	Identity Name			Mailing Address

	Arcor [encrypted]		pi-c arcor de
	Arcor [signed, default]	pi-c arcor de

Thus, it would be easy to assign the wrong identity via the dialogue. (The name of the identity is shown in outgoing mails, it's just the dialogue for assigning identities to an mbox that's problematic.)

2) It would be nice if there was a way to map identities to addresses. If I reply to a mail that's in a folder I have assigned an identity to, it gets the appropriate identity alright. However, if I compose a new message, I still have to select the correct identity. The thing is, I only have few contacts that use encryption. So, whenever I write a new mail to any of these, I would like to automatically use the identity where encryption is turned on and not be in danger of forgetting to do it manually.

3) Is there some way to mark folders that have mboxes with new mail more obviously? It's just too easy not to notice the italics in treeview, so marking such folders/mboxes with a different color or style (e.g. italics+bold) would be helpful.

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