Re: Two questions: HTML and redirection to subfolders

Thank you both for enlightening me with so much useful information. I wonder how many millions out there are not aware of this!
>But perhaps it is easier to ask someone else about the balsa filters  
>(anybody?). A simple task like sorting mails into different boxes based
>on the subject or a header should work...

Yes, I would really appreciate that ;-) I tried to do it myself,
but it did not work!

Many thanks.
genbie <genbie7 yahoo co uk> wrote:

--- Steffen Klemer wrote:

> Am 2005.11.13 16:19 schrieb(en) genbie:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am a newbie to balsa and I have 2 questions:
> >
> > 1. Can I view HTML files embedded in e-mail
> messages
> > without having to right click on each message and
> > chose to open with an external broswer?
> You can't see images that are not part of the mail
> but sourced from a
> website. This would be a great security risk - so it
> is forbidden. If you
> can't see _any_ html part try to unset "Preferences
> -> View -> Message ->
> Prefer text over html" (This is a loosy Translation
> from my German version
> - the real text could be read a bit different ;)

Yes sorry I was not clear, I meant images within HTML.
I have used thunderbird for a long time and opened
messages (from 'trusted' sources like companies that I
subscribe to their news digests/alerts/etc.)
containing images everyday like those in ad banners
but did not think a lot about security risks. Is the
threat for real or is it just being extra careful on
the part of developers o f e-mail clients that do not
allow for this feature? I may change my mind about
opening images but I just want to make sure that the
threat is real ;-)

> > 2. How can I automotaically redirect incoming
> messages
> > aimed for different e-mail accounts to their
> correct
> > subfolders? I tried to use filters but
> unfortunately
> > when I try to export a filter I get an error.
> You don't have to export them. Just right-click your
> inbox (the folder you
> get your mails are transfered right now) -> "Edit
> Filters" and add them to
> the right side of the window.
> I still prefer procmail - it's just more powerful...
> :)

OK I failed with this method too :-( No errors, but it
did not direct the messages as deisred so I may give
procmail a go. Where can I start please?!

I hope the documentation was better so I do not need
to ask basic questions here :-( I am using Ubuntu and
the balsa documentation is incomplete. Also, there is
a minor bug in it; it does not contain a section
'(null)' so the help application crashes.

> > I am impressed with how fast and lean balsa is but
> I
> > need to sort out these two issues please.
> Tell it to all of your friends (and even your
> enemies... ;)

I will ;-)

> > Many thanks.
> cu
> /Steffen
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