Balsa bug: crash on messages with large body


[I'm forwarding this report as requested by the
balsa maintainer in Debian. Please find additional
information in Debian Bug Tracking System, Balsa,
Bug#306479. ]

Balsa 2.3.0 crashes when the Inbox is a Maildir
and it contains a message with a quite large
message body. I can provide such a message to
a developer, but cannot publicate it to a list,
sorry. The way the message arrived can be reproduced
as follows:

1., Prepare a letter that gmail won't accept (make it biiig,
with base64-encoded mime parts).
2., Let your mail be forwarded to a gmail account (gmail
prevents ringing mail, so this is no problem).
3., Send yourself the letter.
4., Gmail will send it back with the mime part included in
the plaintext part (not separated - this is a gmail bug).
5., Balsa will crash when opening the maildir containing
the mail (this is the bug I've reported).

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