Re: feature requests: edit message, pipe to ext. program

On 05/03/2005 09:15:50 AM, Ray Morris wrote:
Editing content makes me uncomfortable--it destroys a signature, for instance, so you lose any authentication. How about the ability to add a note to a message? It could be shown in the header box, much the way signature info is shown currently. A note might be editable, or they could just accumulate, if you wanted to document progress in handling.

Annotation appears to be fairly easy to add to local mailboxes; some IMAP servers support the ANNOTATE extension, which is designed for this use, but some don't--they'd be more of a problem.

  I put some thought into that, too.  That could work.
I was thinking it would be best to keep it very simple
and not invent some new system for storing notes and
linking them to messages.  Instead, it seemed best to
me to keep eveything in the standard format it's already
in - mbox, mh, or maildir.  That would mean, probably,
adding the note as part of the message file.  If Balsa
were to mark it up with some sort of tag like <note></note>
and treat it specially that would be fine, but part of Balsa's
appeal, I think, is that it uses the simple and standard
mailbox formats instead of some one off database and I
wouldn't want to change that and make things more complicated
in order to add a fairly simple feature.  Balsa could
leave out anything marked up with <note></note> (or perhaps
a X-Annotation header) when computing a signature.

Imho, for mbox, mh, or maildir, a top-level X-Annotation header is the simplest:
- an integral part of the message;
- no extension to the basic mailstore;
- a modest amount of code to manage;
- doesn't affect signatures.

As Pawel noted, the latest Balsa has the option to pipe the current message through an arbitrary command (though as yet only on the Message menu, not the right-click popup). If you had multiple messages selected, would you expect all of them to be processed?

That would seem like the right thing to me. If the user selects multiple messages and then chooses the pipe option I can't think of what else they would be likely to intend by doing that.

OK--consider it done!



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