Re: feature requests: edit message, pipe to ext. program

On 04/30/2005 07:36:24 AM, Ray Morris wrote:
 The most useful of the two would be to be able
to edit messages in the Inbox or other folders
in order to add a note to them, much like you can
do in the Draftbox folder.  For example my customers'
order forms arrive via email. It would be quite
handy to be able to open the message in an edit
window like you can in Draftbox and add a little
note saying "do not process until Friday" or

Yes, this is something that we should implement - and is really not a difficult matter. At the moment, I usually move the message to draftbox, edit it there and move it back - but I agree, it is a cumbersome procedure.

 Less generally useful, but maybe quite handy
for some people, would be to add a "pipe to" menu
option to pipe an email to an external program,
similar to *indow's "Send To" menu for files.

It is in cvs already. We just need to get 2.3.1 out of the door.


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