Re: CVS and gcc-4.0

On 06/16/2005 05:11:18 PM, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:

Some time ago, I was able to compile balsa with gcc-4.0.

Question of warning levels?

I tried again today and got a compile error:

auth-gssapi.c:305: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 6 of 'gss_wrap' differ in signedness

Does balsa is supposed to be compiled with gcc-4.0?

I guess nobody has yet tried to compile balsa with gcc-4.0 AND --with-gss AND fatal warnings. Still it is pretty much harmless thing because the parameter in question is just a dummy - it is never used but passed because gss_wrap and gss_unwrap require it.

I have just fixed the problem in CVS - thanks for pointing this out!


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