decryption failed

Hey all, long time no post.

I recently rebuilt my balsa from CVS. It's been rock solid for the past two months, but I was after the 2.3.3 release, as I wanted to keep up to date. On newer builds I get the following messages when opening a pgp-encrypted part:

** (balsa:25383): CRITICAL **: lbmss_stream_read: assertion `lbmss_thread_has_lock(stream)' failed
part: application
ERROR: decryption failed: GPGME: decryption failed: No such file or directory

and the message opens with the content still encrypted.

Signed messages seem to work fine, though.
My May 28th build and June 7th build both have this problem, while the May 7th build does not. The problem seems to be a regression after the creation of mime-stream-shared.c on May 22nd.

Non-threaded builds still work properly, so it is indeed a locking issue.

My attempt to provide a trace on --g-fatal-warnings were hampered by warnings like the following:

(balsa:25778): gmime-WARNING **: Invalid or incomplete type: : defaulting to application/octet-stream

Hope someone can take a look at this.


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