Re: cvs HEAD : images/mimetypes and GNOME_ICON_DIR

Am 27.01.05 19:19 schrieb(en) Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh):
While installing balsa cvs, it tries to install the mmimetypes icones directly in /usr/share/icons/gnome du to the following line in the Makefile:

GNOME_ICON_DIR = /usr/share/icons/gnome

I build the cvs outside my standard tree (i.e in /opt) and I cannot do a clean make install.

Shouldnt it be
GNOME_ICON_DIR = $(prefix)/usr/share/icons/gnome

Well, configure[.in] asks pkg-config about gnome's `prefix' folder:

GNOME_ICON_DIR=`$PKG_CONFIG --variable=prefix libgnomeui-2.0`/share/icons/gnome

The additional mime type icons *must* be installed in this folder, as the search paths are hardcoded in libgnome[ui]. I also have my Gnome 2.8.2 build living in /opt/gnome-2.8, and in the Makefile it reads

GNOME_ICON_DIR = /opt/gnome-2.8/share/icons/gnome

Are you sure pkg-config searched the right lib/pkgconfig folder first? I use the environment setting


to this end.

Hope this helps,


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