Re: Encoding problem when viewing html mail

On 01/20/2005 05:30:50 AM, leiralist spymac com wrote:

i am using fetchmail+esmtp+procmail as my mail system, and i want to us balsa as my MUA. i reveive a lot of chinese mail and i little japanese mail(utf-8 or not utf-8), balsa works well with the plain text mail. but the html part can only show lots of "?"s. and i didn't found where i can set encoding.

maybe it is not basa's problem, maybe it is gtkhtml's. but, how can i read the html in chinese and japanese? or how can i set encoding for each mail?

It is difficult to say without having a look at such an email. I have done a quick test to confirm that HTML messages sent by mozilla containing Polish letters are displayed just fine by balsa.


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