Re: Compiling 2.2.6 on Ubuntu

Am 2005.01.13 23:13 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
On 01/13/2005 03:22:09 AM, Syv Ritch wrote:
I am trying to install 2.2.6 on Debian Ubuntu. I get the followng

> ... Package libgnome-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search
> Perhaps you should add the directory containing `libgnome-2.0.pc'
> to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
> No package 'libgnome-2.0' found

I don't have libgnome-2.0 but I do have libgnome2-0.

As it was mentioned earlier, you probably can use debian package. If you actually prefer to compile it, you will need libgnome2-0-dev (or similar) and several other *development* packages.


deb-src sid main non-free contrib
deb-src sid/non-US main contrib non-free

to /etc/apt/sources.list (change the ro to your countrycode for a local mirror ;)

After that a

apt-get build-dep balsa

should install all compile-time depencies.
After that you can try to compile a tarball or cvs.



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