Re: Threading woes

On 05/01/05 09:20:42, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 12/31/2004 03:53:27 AM, Andrew Conkling wrote:
Well, now that I've settled into using Balsa (and themed the icons!), I've noticed that the threading is often counterintuitive or counterproductive. For example: The status of threads is preserved through the session, but is not saved on exit.

Saving the expanded/collapsed state of all threads in all mailboxes could really slow down both exit and restart. Balsa could perhaps save the current message and expand to it on reopening--would that help?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, that makes sense. However, considering the option "Expand threads on open", what about only saving those that are not the default? Specifically, I like to have all threads closed in a folder except for those that are recent.


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