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On 02/01/05 21:46:24, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
*** Message composition window size ***

I'm writing this on my laptop - haven't tried balsa on my laptop before - and the biggest problem is that I have a 800x600 screen, and while the main window scales to a comfortable size, the message window for some reason won't scale below 750x550(eyeballed it) or so, though there is no apparent reason for this, as there is plenty of wasted space. Take a look at the screenie attached and judge for yourself, I feel pretty cramped.

I grepped around in the source a bit, but couldn't find any quick fix on the order of changing a MIN_MESSAGE_WINDOW_SIZE define (wouldn't that be nice). My measurements show the window's minimal width is 740 pixels.

I did find some constants pertaining to subject width etc, but these seem to be defaults rather than min constraints, as there was no percievable difference after recompiling with these set to lower values. That, along with everyone's silence makes me think the the minimum width on the message window is due to some gtk layout requirement.

I'm only speculating here.


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