feature requests: edit message, pipe to ext. program

 There are a couple of features I'd really like
to have which I might add myself if you were just a
bit stronger in C and Gnome programming.  (I'm a
Perl CGI programmer.)  Not that I expect that there's
anybody out there just looking for a new feature idea
to add, but if either of these sounds very useful to
anyone ...

 The most useful of the two would be to be able
to edit messages in the Inbox or other folders
in order to add a note to them, much like you can
do in the Draftbox folder.  For example my customers'
order forms arrive via email. It would be quite
handy to be able to open the message in an edit
window like you can in Draftbox and add a little
note saying "do not process until Friday" or

 Less generally useful, but maybe quite handy
for some people, would be to add a "pipe to" menu
option to pipe an email to an external program,
similar to *indow's "Send To" menu for files.
I'm thinking of right clicking on an incoming email
and selecting "Pipe To - process_order.pl".
The UI for this could be simplified by doing what
*indows does, having a "pipe_to" directory and
anything in that directory shows up as a "pipe to"
option. Simply symlinking process_order.pl into that
directory would add it as an option to Balsa.

 One could of course view source, copy, paste into
and external editor, then pipe. It'd be nice to be
able to save clicks though.  Currently I'm doing
this by forwarding to a local address which then
pipes it to the program based on a procmail rule.
Ray B. Morris
support bettercgi com

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