Re: 2.2.6 build problem - libbalsa_address_entry_show_matches

On 04/29/2005 11:03:48 AM, Jerry L. wrote:
[ snip ]
From past discussion on the mailing list, I thought I should no longer see my own address added to the CC: line when doing a Reply-to-all. But, it seems to be working the same as Balsa 2.2.5. (address is still included). I verified 2.2.6 with "About" so that I wasn't doing something dumb and actually running 2.2.5, although I did run 2.2.6 "in place" w/o full install.

Did I misintrepret that this change was included in 2.2.6? Or are there other deps involved?

That feature was first released in version 2.3.0.


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