Re: multiple smtp servers?

Am 2005.04.06 14:26 schrieb(en) Michael A. Peters:
Life is not quite as simple as it use to be - I now need to use multiple smtp servers.

I can't use an smtp server on my local machine because some people I need to contact, their servers (I guess to fight spam/viruses) reject my e-mails if the e-mail looks spoofed/relayed - but accept it if it comes through from the smtp server the pop account is associated with.

Balsa (I'm using 2.2.5) seems to only allow me to configure one smtp server, so depending upon which account the mail is to, I have to change the smtp server when I reply.

Is there a solution in balsa for this?

ATM balsa is only able to handle 1 smtp server. But postfix should have the possibility to use "smarthosts" and with some filter magic it should be possible to use 2 or more servers. I'm using exim so this is just an assumption...

If not, is there any hackery/tricery with postfix to have it pretend it is a mail client and log onto the various smtp servers to send the message dependent upon the from address?


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