Re: Filtering by "Subject or Sender Contains" deletes mails?

On 04/01/2005 06:09:02 AM, Philip Rhoades wrote:

I have noticed in the past that mails mysteriously disappear but have never had much to go on to find out why it happens. I just lost a mail again the sequence of events was like this:

I was searching for a particular mail that I knew was still in the inbox (100+ mails) so I used the filter "Subject or Sender Contains" but still couldn't see it. I then grepped the file and found the item straight away but I still couldn't see it in balsa. So I did a search for another keyword in the body of the mail with no success. I then exited balsa, thinking that something has been messed up and maybe just restarting would fix it. However, when I got back into to balsa, I still had no success finding the item but now, exactly the same grep command also did not find anything! The mail is definitely gone and I didn't delete it . .

This is a critical bug - but I do not see directly it happening since all what the filtering code does is to display a subset of messages using msg_tree message number structure. The only potential explanation is that something does not get initialized properly as it should. Any hints how to reproduce it would be appreciated...


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