Re: mark as read

On 11/25/2004 09:48:08 AM, Willem Riede wrote:
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As a related matter, if I select a range, say to delete a thread (or two) I believe there is the same problem, that non- expanded parts of the thread don't get selected and hence are still around after the delete? Can we change that too?

Thanks, Willem Riede.

Hi Willem!

Yes, at times that would be a very natural action. However, there's more room for error there--a user selects a couple of messages and marks them deleted, and doesn't notice that a few dozen messages in a collapsed (sub)thread are silently and invisibly marked deleted also. I'm in two minds about that one...

Perhaps a new Mailbox => Select Thread(s), which expands the threads containing all selected messages, so the user sees all the affected messages? But with what accelerator?



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