Re: Message source window size

On 05/28/2004 12:23:07 PM, Marco van Oostende wrote:

I'm still using Balsa 2.0.14, and found a bug/feature that I think isn't always wanted: if I receive a mail with a body text like blahblahblahblahblahblah, so one long word, it shows as one line in the body text. I get a horizontal scrollbar, no problem here. However, if I look at the message source, the popup window is sized horizontally according to the length of the line: 3000+ pixels. It makes it difficult to scroll down. Is this a Balsa behaviour or my window manager's fault?

It's a Balsa bug.

Can it be fixed?

Yes--try the attached patch, which should work with recent 2.0.x versions, and both branches of cvs.

I use Sawfish as WM.

I don't believe it's a WM issue. When a GtkTextView isn't in a scrolled window, its wrap mode should allow word-breaking, and currently it doesn't.

Index: libbalsa/source-viewer.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/balsa/libbalsa/source-viewer.c,v
retrieving revision 1.11
diff -u -r1.11 source-viewer.c
--- libbalsa/source-viewer.c	22 Jul 2003 22:44:07 -0000	1.11
+++ libbalsa/source-viewer.c	28 May 2004 18:07:22 -0000
@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@
     text = gtk_text_view_new();
     gtk_widget_modify_font(text, pango_font_description_from_string(font));
     gtk_text_view_set_editable(GTK_TEXT_VIEW(text), FALSE);
-    gtk_text_view_set_wrap_mode(GTK_TEXT_VIEW(text), GTK_WRAP_WORD);
+    gtk_text_view_set_wrap_mode(GTK_TEXT_VIEW(text), GTK_WRAP_WORD_CHAR);
     interior = gtk_scrolled_window_new(GTK_TEXT_VIEW(text)->hadjustment,
Index: src/sendmsg-window.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/balsa/src/sendmsg-window.c,v
retrieving revision 1.432.2.8
diff -u -r1.432.2.8 sendmsg-window.c
--- src/sendmsg-window.c	7 Feb 2004 22:47:48 -0000	1.432.2.8
+++ src/sendmsg-window.c	28 May 2004 18:07:24 -0000
@@ -2099,7 +2099,7 @@
     gtk_text_buffer_create_tag(buffer, "soft", NULL);
     gtk_text_buffer_create_tag(buffer, "url", NULL);
     gtk_text_view_set_editable(text_view, TRUE);
-    gtk_text_view_set_wrap_mode(text_view, GTK_WRAP_WORD);
+    gtk_text_view_set_wrap_mode(text_view, GTK_WRAP_WORD_CHAR);
     table = gtk_scrolled_window_new(NULL, NULL);

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