Re: folder rescanning is painful

On 05/24/2004 03:43:29 PM, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
Hi again,

I've got a question that has been addressed before, though I do not remember any posted solution:

Whenever the mailbox list is modified, either by adding or deleting a local mailbox, or when accessing an imap folder with many subfolders, balsa (both HEAD and 2-0) decides to re-open all other mailboxes(even those that weren't open in the fist place). This might be fine if you have, say, 4-5 relatively small mailboxes, but gets plain painful when dealing with many boxen, some of them in excess of 5000 messages.

So, I was wondering: Are there any plans in motion for getting rid of this "feature"?

Funny you should mention that...we've been looking at some changes (to cvs HEAD) for easing that situation. I have a large experimental patch, which I've just posted on Bugzilla (, that you're welcome to try out. I've been using the patched tree for a few days, so it probably won't eat your whole machine, but as always you'd be wise to back up your folder tree before trying it...

Why is this happening, anyway?

Balsa has, in the past, used an internal folder tree for additions and modifications, rebuilding the display when changes are complete, but destroying some internal data in the process. That required reopening all mailboxes. The new version uses the display as its definitive folder tree, and just modifies it on the fly. Doing so doesn't seem to raise any serious issues, even in a threaded build.


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