Re: HEAD: two problems...

On 05/21/2004 07:41:16 PM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:

while hacking around in HEAD (latest changelog entry is "2004-05-15
PeterB") I ran into two problems:

First, it doesn't compile when ssl is not enabled. The messages are:

Fixed in CVS. Thanks for pointing this out!

balsa-message.c, function bm_set_icon() which runs
gtk_tree_model_row_changed(). I don't know if this is related to my
recent upgrade to Gnome 2.6.1/gtk+ 2.4.1, but don't we have to supply a callback func here?

GtkTreeView in fixed_height mode is known to have problems. Undefine TREE_VIEW_FIXED_HEIGHT in src/balsa-index.c to see whether it is related or not. gtk_tree_model_row_changed() is supposed to update the row.


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