Re: Unexpected filtering of headers

On 24.06.2004 03:13:25, Andreas Schmidt wrote:

I just noticed that one of my filters doesn't seem to work as expected. I've set up a filter to move mails matching the expression "postmaster localhost" in user header "X-Original-To" to an mbox named "Postmaster". Currently, there is one message in the Inbox that this filter should match:

From somebody some where Thu Jun 24 08:48:59 2004
Return-Path: <somebody some where>
X-Original-To: pc localhost
X-Original-To: postmaster localhost

Alas, it does nothing. Now, when I change the filter to match "pc localhost", it moves this mail and all others from my Inbox to Postmaster.
The problem seems to be that the filtering routine only looks for the first occurence of a given header. That's okay for uniq headers like From: or To:, but it just doesn't work for headers that could get inserted at any relay a mail is passing through. Would it be possible to grep through the complete header part for occurences of (at least) user headers?

That is possible, just one question: what does make more sense when searching for a user header that can appear several times: match if ONE of the occurences contains the given string? (This would be coherent with the way filters are applied now).

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