Re: Making balsa suitable for small devices

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For any version you must decide if you want gpg support (this means more libs dependancy).

If you want to have gpg support (and IMHO you should have it on a handheld device), you *must* stick to the 2.0 series, as gmime (which 2.1.depends on) still has this nasty bug sometimes breaking signature checking for multiparts. I told Jeff this several times, but no progress yet (but that's a different story :-/ ). In short, 2.1 gpg support is not reliable, so it's unusable. Full stop.

I'm not sure how much space you could save by omitting the crypto stuff. Most is put into gpgme and gpg-error, and of course in gpg itself. So, if you have gpg (to support crypto filesystems, or whatever), I guess gpgme support will not be *too* expensive.

Just my € 0.01...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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