Displaying size as number of lines still wanted?

I noticed that the option "Display message size as number of lines" no longer has any effect, and sizes are always displayed in bytes.

Looking through the code, it seems that libmutt used to generate the value for this, but it isn't used anymore. The code could be put back in somewhere, but it got me thinking that lots of mail these days does not comprise of plain text with lines less than 80 columns.

So, is the ability to display the number of lines really relevant anymore? No one seems to have complained about this so far, and libbalsa/message.h contains a comment wondering if it should be removed.

If removal is desired, I threw together the necessary diffs from cvs attached. I think I got everything. Please note the diff for main-window. c which looks like it might have an out-of-place comment, but I'm not sure.

Index: message.h
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/balsa/libbalsa/message.h,v
retrieving revision 1.73
diff -r1.73 message.h
<  *   lines_len (scrap?)

Index: balsa-app.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/balsa/src/balsa-app.c,v
retrieving revision 1.250
diff -r1.250 balsa-app.c
<     balsa_app.line_length = FALSE;

Index: balsa-app.h
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/balsa/src/balsa-app.h,v
retrieving revision 1.204
diff -r1.204 balsa-app.h
<     gboolean line_length;

Index: balsa-index.h
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/balsa/src/balsa-index.h,v
retrieving revision 1.67
diff -r1.67 balsa-index.h
< 	gboolean line_length;

Index: main-window.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/balsa/src/main-window.c,v
retrieving revision 1.578
diff -r1.578 main-window.c
<     /* for updating date when settings change */
<     index->line_length = balsa_app.line_length;

Index: pref-manager.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/balsa/src/pref-manager.c,v
retrieving revision 1.219
diff -r1.219 pref-manager.c
<     GtkWidget *line_length;
<     g_signal_connect(G_OBJECT (pui->line_length), "toggled",
<                      G_CALLBACK (properties_modified_cb), property_box);
<     balsa_app.line_length = GTK_TOGGLE_BUTTON (pui->line_length)->active;
<     gtk_toggle_button_set_active(GTK_TOGGLE_BUTTON(pui->line_length),
<                                  balsa_app.line_length);
<     pui->line_length =
<         pm_group_add_check(group, _("Display message size as number of lines"));

Index: save-restore.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/balsa/src/save-restore.c,v
retrieving revision 1.280
diff -r1.280 save-restore.c
<     balsa_app.line_length = gnome_config_get_bool("MsgSizeAsLines=true");
<     gnome_config_set_bool("MsgSizeAsLines", balsa_app.line_length);

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