Re : [RFC] : answering article on Balsa

On 10.07.2004 10:08:46, Craig Routledge wrote:
On 07/10/2004 11:46:31 AM, manu wrote:
"It can only use SMTP for outgoing mail; there is no option for passing a message to a local command."

OK this one is true, but I am not sure what he would like to do with his messages then.

He likes to have various hooks into, and out of, the mail program.

Look at for details. Granted most users will not avail themselves of the kind of functionality he's talking about, but it could lead to interesting stuff down the road.

Hmm actually I think he gave the example of feeding certain messages to learning spam filters.
I guess we could (2.3.x ;-) develop some kind of plugins system so that you can feed any message/parts to any kind of scripts/progs.

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