Re: Balsa in Fedora Core

On 07/05/2004 01:54:11 PM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Without gpgme (and libgpg-error), there is no crypto in balsa, and also in several other apps (sylpheed comes to my mind): gpgme serves as a "glue layer" between gpg (and gpgsm if you ever want to have S/MIME crypto) and the application. It would also be nice to have the GnuPG frontend gpa in, but it again depends on gpgme/libgpg-error.

I spoke with one of the GPGME developers, who said that the API should be fairly stable as of 0.9 and they are not expecting any big changes before 1.0. So, I've dropped a note to that effect in Fedora bugzilla under the bug requesting GPGME. They are aware that the Fedora Balsa and Sylpheed packages are waiting on this for their crypto support. I'll see if they are ready to include it at this point in time.

Other than that, all I see at the moment is:

On exit balsa leaves behind a process preventing balsa from running again

I've seen this three times before on FC2, so I thought I might try to track it down. I've recompiled the Fedora package to get a non-stripped binary, but haven't got the problem to manifest itself yet. I'll keep trying.


balsa crashes while customizing toolbar

Is this bug also present in HEAD? If not, and if fixing it would be too much work I suppose it could just be listed as a known bug with a workaround of "edit the .gnome2/balsa file by hand". I ran into this problem, but I'm not sure how many other people bother to re-arrange their toolbars.

I'm afraid the GTK/GNOME GUI API is something I have yet to ever look at.
I suppose I could try as long as people put the good china away.  :^)

Thanks for your feedback, Craig

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